Interactive Add Ons

Mimio Offers a broad range of add ons for your interactive classroom.

  • Student Response System you can use to instantly poll and test your students. 

  • MimioView document camera with 4K ultra-high definition pictures and live video engages students and creates dynamic lessons. Simply take our document camera out of the box, attach a single cord, and it’s ready to go.

  • Mimiopad that allows you to control your MimioStudio™ lesson on the front-of-the-room display – from anywhere in the classroom.

  • Mimio MyBot system bridges the gap between learning about robotics in the classroom and the application of robotics in the real world.

  • Labdisc Portable stem lab is a STEM lab that can go anywhere, without complicated experiment setup.

We also offer a variety of projectors and cameras to support you interactive classroom.