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All New Q Series

The Tailored Experience

Newline’s Q Series answers the call for a more customized and fast-paced digital touch experience.

Newline App Store

Our curated app store features 100+ fully compatible tools for education and business. The library is constantly growing, but you can get started today with some of your favorite Education and Business apps.

Plug & Play USB-C

With plug & play USB-C, the entire setup process is streamlined to one cable and instant access. 

User Profiles

New to the Q Series, user profiles help eliminate the hassle of device and user switching. With user profiles, the home screen and settings are saved for individual users.

Powerful Android 11 OS

Faster performance has to come from somewhere. Welcome to Android 11! 

Touch that Inspires & Protects

Interactivity truly brings collaboration to life. The ability to combine analog writing with digital tools makes communication all the more effective. 

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